What is Dharma?




Dharma is a word that has come to mean surrender to love of the world in a most personal way in which vital energy springs anew when I de-center myself within fully experiencing it.      
Dharma is unmediated living.

Dharma is the world teaching me what needs to be done by its manifold wisdom, expressing itself from moment to moment through the six senses that become guides to my heart in its giving, in as long as they are not preoccupied by me and mine.  

It is the sound of Truth, the touch of Love, the act of Trust, a beauty that has a heart, not a form, so it never fades, at homeness that once found cannot be lost, even when tantalizing things happen.  
It is the intimacy in/with/of all things in their flow through infinite shapes, it is a presence that resonates a unifying ring where Truth is a beauty and a tender consolation that is beyond circumstance.

It is the wander of consciousness, the gift of innermost freedom.   It is peace that holds and soothes at the heart of storm, it is what I trust as the ocean in which we are the waves, the tear in the eye of a stranger, a drop of dew, a whisper of sacred silence.

I do not know what Dharma is.
I say Dharma because it is my way to make sense of the fact that since I have become its student, my life has dramatically changed in its texture and quality, though so little has changed at its surface everyday work and living.  It is saturated with the deep realization that there is a wisdom that is not mine yet it is very much for me, as for all, and that wisdom is making my life simpler, clearer, happier, natural, fresh, surprising, challenging, friendly, kind, and forever a potentially win-all situation, even when "I" do not experience or see it as such.