Some Poems 2010 From Stephen Fulder


Diamonds sparkle in the air

Diamonds sparkle in the air
And are quenched under water
salt once was money in the desert
but worthless by the sea
Value is noticed when it is missing
The pure shines out of darkness
but is invisible among the angels
Insights illuminate space
But are lost among themselves
We hold precious what is not ordinary
Until we know that the ordinary is precious
And water that hides diamonds
Sparkles like them.

Burning Burning Burning

Burning, Burning, Burning,
Said the Buddha,
Shopping, having, running, talking
Moving, spending, storing, building,
Needing, fighting, grasping, thinking
We burn with  the planet
If we cooled down
We’d find ourselves back home
And deserve it

Beyond Measure

Meditate and measure
Come from the same root
Meditation is measuring
What is immeasurable
Until the measurer
Loses the ruler


Thoughts are not needed
When planting radishes
They talk to each other
That’s quite enough noise
For one day

Awakening Doesn’t Exist

Awakening doesn’t exist
But in the search for it
We stumble between knowing and being
And accidentally fall into something
While accidentally falling out of
Everything else.