Sangha house

The Sangha House is an open house for practicing meditation and for meetings of joy, learning and life for friends of Tovana . There is a large room with mats and pillows, a room to rest in which can be used for overnight stays (when it is not being used by guest teachers), a kitchenette, a reading corner and a room for one-to-one talks.

Regularly scheduled group meetings are held in the house, information about the meetings is posted in the Sangha House's calendar schedule. Other activities take place, such as: Practice days, workshops, individual meetings with teachers and friends.

Anyone is fully welcome to use the existing space for their own practice or for any activity they'd like to initiate and hold for the Sangha. The only condition is that the activity will be given as dana, be open to Tovana's members and is not in conflict with a previously scheduled activity . Therefore it's important to check with the Sangha's calendar of events and to arrange that any planned activity fits in with any other activity taking place at the house.

The activities in the house are under the full responsibility of the organizers and participants, and not the responsibility of the organization. Together we will keep the house as a space which is pleasant and joyful, we'll be responsible for the quiet, cleanliness and mutual cooperation so that the Sangha House remains what it is intended to be: a house for everyone.

Address: 21 Ovadia Mebartenura St. apt. 15, Tel-Aviv, 62282, Israel 


Meditation groups guided by Tovana's teachers or facilitators

Meditation groups guided by Tovana's teachers or facilitators