Volunteering in Tovana


Tovana organization relies on the work of many volunteers. Every year around 200 volunteers help run the courses in Ein Dor, and there are also 50 additional permanent volunteers. These volunteers enable thousands of practitioners to study, practice, and internalize the Dharma every year. 

Service Retreat during courses in Ein Dor:

If you participated in a Tovana course and found it beneficial, you have the option to enable this gift to others by giving service. A Service Retreat is a place to combine giving, practicing, and doing. It allows for a rich practice and serves as a bridge between sitting on your cushion and practicing in your daily life. Tovana needs you in order to continue moving the Wheel of Dharma and enable the organization's growth and flourishing in Israel.
For the courses to take place and succeed, we need many helping hands, and many hands to mix tahini! 

Please note that you can join a service retreat only after participating in at least a few courses in Ein Dor. 

How to register for a service retreat:
Go to the course page on our website and fill out the Service Retreat Form.