Content of שלומית שלו
Content of Shlomit Shalev

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Shlomit Shalev
Practicing and studying for over 10 years as part of Tovana, and with different teachers from Israel and the world.
For about 7 years she has been active in various positions in the association, and in the last year she served as the chairman of the executive committee of the association.
Graduated from the MBSR teacher training of the Muda Institute for Mindfulness, Science and Society from the Baruch Ivcher School of Interdisciplinary Psychology in Herzliya. In recent years, she has been working and leading mindfulness and Dharma courses in everyday life at the Mind-Body Center. Has second degrees in psychology and business administration, professional experience in large companies and organizations, in project management and marketing.
Accompanies personal processes, volunteers in the "one on one" meditation project accompanying women facing cancer, believes that the practice changes lives, and that the study is available and open to all - to learn to be and live in the most peaceful and contented manner, consciously and with an open heart.

Dana to Shlomit Shalev