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Michal Yon
Practitioner and studying the Buddhist way since 2005.
From the moment I met the Buddha's words, my heart felt in the right place.
Dharma is a way of life for me; The values and wisdom in it illuminate my life's paths and encourage me to observe and investigate, to cultivate optimal qualities and useful action in the world.
I practice daily, study, serve and take long periods of silent practice in personal retreats.
Certified group facilitator from the School of Social Work at Tel Aviv University and a graduate of MBSR teacher training at the Muda Institute, Herzliya. She has an MA in women's and gender studies, certified in Focusing and is studying in the Hakomi psychotherapy training program.
In recent years, I have experienced the privilege of sharing the practice of mindfulness and the teaching of Dharma in courses in various settings and with personal accompaniment, and I am excited every time to take part in a movement that opens up the possibility of a freer and fuller life.