Tovana's Ethical Code

The activity and study in Tovana are based on partnership and on a community that follows the spirit of the Buddhadharma.

As such, Tovana has relied, since its inception, on the Sila (the Buddhist term that indicates a commitment to ethical conduct in the world and the practice of benevolent and non-harmful conduct) as a guiding principle.

With the expansion of the organization and the development of diverse areas of practice and community activity arose the need to be precise and to adapt the rules of the Sila to the reality of life in which we currently operate.

The ethical code presented here is the result of a long development process, in which teachers, facilitators, board members, and the practicing community took part.In order to support the different areas of practice, study, and activity and to maintain an atmosphere of security, peace, sensitivity, and of caring attention, Tovana asks all those who come through its gates to commit to acting in accordance with the five rules of the Silla, as they appear in the code of ethics for the Tovana community detailed here:

PDF icon Ethical Code 


The increased commitment of those who hold teaching positions

In addition to the general code of ethics as well as from an understanding of the teacher's role, and of the responsibility and sensitivity that arise and are required within it, the teaching community of Tovana formulated an expanded code of ethics that refers to aspects and concrete issues relevant to teaching and teacher-student relationships. This code is detailed here:

PDF icon Ethical code for teachers and facilitators


How to act in a situation of violation, harm, or discomfort

We are human and therefore contain in our hearts and in our actions all the possibilities included in human existence. In the various interactions of a sangha, things may come up that cause discomfort or concern. Ideally, we would like to be able to approach each other directly and talk about what is bothering us. We warmly encourage such  direct contact as a first step.

It could happen that such direct contact doesn't feel possible, right, or safe. The Ethics Committee of Tovana is in the process of being established as an address to help in such cases.

Until it is established, if you have been harmed by a teacher, facilitator, position holder or other practitioner, or have witnessed harm or an ethical violation, or have a question, concern. or concern in an ethical context concerning insight, please contact the board ( or Tovana managing director (Tamar Adelstein Zekbach,

"Not to do evil, to cultivate merit, to purify one's mind - this is the Teaching of the Buddha." (Dhammapada 183)