Insight meditation long weekend retreat with personal guidance with Stephen Fulder and others

01/01/2020 to 04/01/2020
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Stephen Fulder
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Asaf Federman
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Avigail Graetz
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Sahar Rokah
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Guy Saati
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Nurit Tolnai
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Tami Barkai
Open to everyone
Start time: Wednesday 14:00
End time: Saturday 18:00
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Vipassana (or Mindfulness) is a Meditation technique that is based on directing relaxed and mindful attention to our body and mental functions.This technique helps develop tools for dealing with the vicissitudes of life while promoting tranquility, wisdom and compassion.

This course will be similar to other weekend courses in Tovana- a taste of a silent practice of Vipassana meditation. But there will be a difference- a big part of the course will be personal. The guidance will be performed by several guides, and each practitioner will have a meeting with one once a day in order to receive personal instructions, to share and converse on the experiences from the practice in order to allow insights.

This is a reminder of the old tradition that was practiced in the time of the Buddha, when old practitioners offer instructions to the less experienced ones.

The retreat will be held usually in Hebrew (except courses with teachers who come from abroad).
Translation will be given when necessary.

Volunteering in the course

For the holding of courses and their success many helping hands are needed, both as members of the kitchen staff and particularly for management of the courses and the kitchen. Volunteers in the courses experience a "Service Retreat" that is an opportunity to combine giving and practicing meditation and is a bridge between sitting on the pillow and everyday life.

Tovana is based and mostly run by volunteers. During the year, there are about 200 practitioners volunteering in various courses in Ein Dor, in addition to about 50 volunteers in permanent roles.
You are invited to volunteer and practice while doing.

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What is the meaning of Dana?

Since the time of the Buddha, the Asian tradition of Dharma (the spiritual path) is of the kind of mutual generosity. The local community shows its appreciation and respect for the spiritual practice by supporting the monasteries with the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and medicines. In return, the community is supported by courses, teachings and guidance, that are offered by the monks and nuns. 

For 2,500 years this lively expression of collaboration and mutual existence offered spiritual support, both for the spiritual community and for the lay practitioners.

Hosts and assistants

ד"ר סטיבן פולדר הוא ממובילי התרגול הבודהיסטי בישראל, המייסד והמורה הבכיר של "עמותת תובנה".מעורבותו במדיטציית מיינדפולנס ומדיטציית ויפאסנה החלה בשנת 1975, מאז בילה שנים רבות בהודו וקיבל הדרכתם של מורים שונים מבורמה, הודו והמערב. סטיבן מלמד מזה כ20 שנים, עיקרן בישראל וחלקן בחו"ל, ריטריטים, קורסים ושיעורים שנתיים, ברובם למתרגלים ותיקים, ועסק גם בהכשרת מורים בישראל. סטיבן דוגל בשימוש בדהרמה לקידום השלום בחברה.  סטיבן למד באוניברסיטת אוקספורד ובלונדון, בעל תואר דוקטור לביולוגיה מולקולרית, ופרסם ארבעה-עשר ספרים אקדמיים ופופולאריים בנושא של ריפוי פנימי וחיצוני. כיום הוא מתגורר בכליל, כפר אקולוגי...
Dr. Stephen Fulder was born in London in 1946 and educated at Oxford and the National Institute of Medical Research, where he was awarded his Ph.D in molecular biology. He was a lecturer at London University. He is the founder and senior teacher of Tovana (the Israel Insight Society). He has been involved in Vipassana/ Mindfulness meditation and dharma practice since 1975, has spent years in India and has been guided by a variety of teachers from Burma, India and the West. Stephen has been teaching for 20 years, mostly in Israel but also abroad, and he teaches a large number of retreats,...