Sitting groups

Meditation groups meet once a week in different locations across the country.

There are groups led by Tovana teachers as well as independent groups that are organized and led by experienced practitioners.

Meetings begin with group meditation sitting.  Afterwards, depending on the wishes of the group, participants study a text, hear a Dharma talk, or discuss Dharma in everyday life and share ideas, questions, and answers.

The purpose of meditation groups is to deepen and strengthen the practice of meditation in everyday life, and also offer an opportunity to meet and connect with other local people who share a similar interest in living mindfully and achieving liberation. 

The groups are open to everyone, both beginners and experienced meditators, and take place in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.  Come try it out! 

If there is no meditation group in your area and you would like to start one, we will be happy to provide help and guidance, to suggest a local group leader, and to notify our mailing list.  Please contact Ruti at