Insight meditation weekend retreat with Yonathan Dominitz assisted by Neta Levi and אסף פדרמן

11/04/2019 to 13/04/2019
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Yonathan Dominitz
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Neta Levi
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Open to everyone
Start time: Thursday 14:00
End time: Saturday 18:00
Insight meditation is a practice derived from the Buddhist tradition, whose purpose is to enable us to understand and experience daily life in a deeper and clearer way. The premise of the insight meditation is that the observation and clear vision of reality can bring relief to the daily pain and pain and improve the quality of life of practitioners and those around them.
"Insight meditation" sharpens the practitioner's mental and emotional abilities, and develops the ability to stop and observe himself and in any situation in which he is without judgment, with minimal influence of prejudices, fears and habits. Insight meditation comes to increase the awareness and connection of the practitioner to the world in which he lives. This meditation is based on the Dharma, a Buddhist philosophy that offers a way of life that includes mental, moral and emotional development. The Dharma allows intuitive human wisdom that involves not only knowledge. It contributes to the development of an inter-personal connection that is not self-interested, as well as qualities of generosity, love and compassion that exist in each and every one of us, even if we are not always aware of them.

Hosts and assistants

מתרגל מדיטציה וצועד בדרך הדהרמה מאז 1997. רואה את תורת השחרור שלימד הבודהה כהשראה עצומה לחיים ערים וכגישה שניתנת לתרגול וליישום בכל רגע ולהביאה לכל היבט של חיי היומיום, על כרית המדיטציה ומחוצה לה. מלמד ומנחה פעילויות מדיטציה ודהרמה תוך שימת דגש על יישום והפנמת הדהרמה בחיי היום יום. ממייסדי פרוייקט 'מדיטציה 1:1' שבו מתרגלי מדיטציה ותיקים מציעים לימוד וליווי דרך מדיטציה לחולי סרטן בבתיהם. מורה לחשיבה יצירתית ומייסד MINDSCAPES , נשוי ואב לשנים, מתגורר בתל אביב.
Yonathan practices insight meditation since 1997. Since 2002 he teaches Insight meditation courses and retreats. Among other activities he also teaches meditation courses and programs for cancer patients in hospitals, as well as meditation courses for executives, artists and creatives, with an emphasis on applying the Dharma to everyday life. To support himself and his family, he leads courses and seminars on creativity. Yonathan is married and a father of two children.