Joy and Freedom: lingering in happiness and wellbeing: Online retreat with Zohar Lavie and Nathan Glyde

24/02/2021 to 27/02/2021
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Zohar Lavie
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Nathan Glyde
Open to everyone
Start time: Wednesday 17:00
End time: Saturday 17:00
Joy and Freedom: lingering in happiness and wellbeing
The buddha’s understanding of dukkha, it’s manifestation and causes, led him to craft a path of liberation and awakening. This dharma path can be viewed as a cultivation of ever deepening happiness, contentment, peace and equanimity. 
On this retreat we will cultivate the heart and mind in ways that bring release from habits and patterns of dukkha. We will explore how to ease contraction and demand, how to nourish the capacity of seeing beauty and goodness, and how to linger in happiness in all it’s manifestations. 
Lingering In Happiness, Mary Oliver
After rain after many days without rain,
it stays cool, private and cleansed, under the trees,
and the dampness there, married now to gravity,
falls branch to branch, leaf to leaf, down to the ground
where it will disappear - but not, of course, vanish
except to our eyes. The roots of the oaks will have their share,
and the white threads of the grasses, and the cushion of moss;
a few drops, round as pearls, will enter the mole's tunnel;
and soon so many small stones, buried for a thousand years,
will feel themselves being touched.

Hosts and assistants

מורת דהרמה בעמותת תובנה. היא מתרגלת ומלמדת בישראל, אירופה והודו. זוהר נמנית על המייסדים של סנגה-סווה שמשלבת בין מדיטציה, דהרמה ופעילות חברתית. סנגה-סווה מקיימת ריטריטים של טיפול במצורעים בהודו, חידוש יערות באנגליה וסיוע לחקלאים פלסטינים בעת מסיק הזיתים בגדה המערבית.   Dana to Zohar Lavie   שיחות של זוהר ניתן למצוא באתר של סנגהה-סווה כאן האתר של סנגהה-סווה האתר של זוהר לביא
Zohar fell in love with meditation in 2000 and has been following after her heart ever since. This journey has taken her from the meditation cushion into exploring further ways of expressing truth and love. She now spends most of her time dreaming up and facilitating retreats that offer service as a spiritual path around the world. Her practice involves relaxing into life with love. Zohar is one of the founders of SanghaSeva who offer a "meditation in action" retreats.   Dana to Zohar Lavie
Nathan Glyde
נייתן החל לתרגל דהרמה ב1997 וללמד דהרמה ב2007. מתוך התרגול צמחה בו אהבה לחיות היציבה ולשקט היצירתי של המדיטציה, ועניין לטפח קשב עמוק בכל מצב. ב2004 הוא ייסד יחד עם רוב בורבאה וזהר לביא את סנגהסווה על מנת להציע קורסי מדיטציה המשלבים תרגול מדיטציה. עם פעילות חברתית וסביבתית.    Dana to Nathan Glyde
Nathan began meditating in 1997, and teaching retreats in 2007. From continued exploration grew a deep love for meditation's alive stillness and creative silence. Feeling the potential for all of life to play a part in awakening opened an interest to cultivate attentiveness in every experience. In 2004 this led to the co-founding of to offer retreats combining meditation with social and environmental action. Nathan's complete teaching schedule can be viewed at