Tovana - Insight Meditation

Tovana is an organisation that disseminates spiritual teachings and practices derived from the Buddhist teachings, the Dharma, which help us discover a deep inner peace and awakening and a life of harmony and wisdom.


The primary spiritual teaching form of Tovana is the silent retreat of several days, which is suitable for beginners or more experienced students. Teachers actively guide students to steady and settle the mind through the practice of mindfulness and sustained attention on the breath and body, and insight meditation (Vipassana) which works with the content that naturally arises. All experiences, whether painful or pleasant, whether at the level of physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, psychological patterns, or mental content, are seen in the present moment with insight as essentially passing, free and transparent. Knowing the true nature of experience and letting it go, the participant discovers a natural inner freedom and a transformation of suffering. In addition various attitudes of heart and mind are taught as aids on the spiritual journey, including loving-kindness and compassion, integrity, existential inquiry, being at home in life, generosity, and open awareness.

Tovana also arranges shorter introductory meditation courses, lectures or short workshops. There are in addition a number of options for those who wish to go further, including a two year advanced course (the Dharma Facilitators Program), a Dedicated Practitioners Program, and Dharma in Daily Life course which explore more sublime questions, insights and forms of expression of deeper truths of the dharma. There is a Sangha House in Tel Aviv where many activities are held. There are also opportunities to volunteer and to gather for meditation, discussion and sharing together.