Awakening in Action: In Daily Life, Service, Work and Social Engagement with Zohar Lavie, Shiri Bar and Neta Levy

01/04/2020 to 04/04/2020
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Zohar Lavie
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Neta Levi
להשתתפות ברטריט נדרש אחד מהשניים: ניסיון קודם במדיטציה או רקע בנתינה ובעשייה חברתית.
Start time: Wednesday 14:00
End time: Saturday 18:00

Engaged Dharma practice allows for a transformative connection between inner and outer. We are invited to explore both processes unfolding within our inner life and external conditions - interpersonal, social, political and ecological that affect us and that we live within. 

Expanding and deepening the arena of practice allows us to establish an investigative and compassionate attitude towards what we are engaged in; silent practice, relationship to family and community, or action aimed at impacting social, ecological or humanitarian structures. 
Through this path we bring awareness and presence towards what is unfolding. We cultivate the capacity to respond compassionately to suffering; both our own or another’s, and we increase our understanding of interconnectedness. This supports committed and balanced action, which nourishes creativity and resilience. 
The retreat will include guided and silent meditation, reflective group exercises, teachings and  meetings with the teachers, all held within a container of silence. 
The retreat is intended for those wishing to integrate inner exploration with action in the world:
  • Practitioners who are interested in bringing wisdom and compassion to daily life; particularly social engagement and action 
  • Those engaged in service to society ( educators, health providers, activists etc.) who are interested in bringing awareness and contemplation into their lives
This is not a conventional vipassana retreat: the first half of each day will be devoted to silent practice, with guidance and space to develop meditation skills. The second half of each day will be spent exploring our place within the interconnected web of life; our engagement and action in the world. This part will relate to the participants personal experiences and will include dyad and group exercises which will not be silent. 
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מורת דהרמה בעמותת תובנה. היא מתרגלת ומלמדת בישראל, אירופה והודו. זוהר נמנית על המייסדים של סנגה-סווה שמשלבת בין מדיטציה, דהרמה ופעילות חברתית. סנגה-סווה מקיימת ריטריטים של טיפול במצורעים בהודו, חידוש יערות באנגליה וסיוע לחקלאים פלסטינים בעת מסיק הזיתים בגדה המערבית. שיחות של זוהר ניתן למצוא באתר של סנגהה-סווה כאן   האתר של סנגהה-סווה האתר של זוהר לביא
Zohar fell in love with meditation in 2000 and has been following after her heart ever since. This journey has taken her from the meditation cushion into exploring further ways of expressing truth and love. She now spends most of her time dreaming up and facilitating retreats that offer service as a spiritual path around the world. Her practice involves relaxing into life with love. Zohar is one of the founders of SanghaSeva who offer a "meditation in action" retreats.