Types of Activities in Tovana:

Retreats (Long Courses) and Weekends


Vipassana is a method of Buddhist Meditation which has been practiced for 2,500 years in East Asia and which arrived in the West in the last century. Vipassana means "clear-seeing" or insight into (the nature of phenomena). Within the body of teachings taught by the Buddha (the "Dharma") is illuminated the "unsatisfactoriness" of existence and the way to freedom. This way, which includes the practice of meditation and Vipassana, enables the release from thought patterns and behaviors which imprison us in a cycle of reactivity and its painful consequences.

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Introduction to Vipassana

This course consists of eight weekly two-hour meetings in which the participants will gradually acquire the skills needed to practice mindfulness and basic concentration. Each session includes meditation, study, and discussion. The purpose of the course is to gradually build a foundation for personal practice, with an emphasis on supporting and helping participants to gradually introduce meditation into their daily routine.

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Meditation Groups

Meditation groups meet once a week in different locations across the country.

There are groups led by Tovana teachers as well as independent groups that are organized and led by experienced practitioners.

Meetings begin with group meditation sitting.  Afterwards, depending on the wishes of the group, participants study a text, hear a Dharma talk, or discuss Dharma in everyday life and share ideas, questions, and answers.

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Moving the Wheel of Dharma – Intermediate Level Introductory Course

A city course of 8 sessions, meant mostly for those who have begun practicing, but are relatively in the start of their path. The course offers a framework for strengthening the meditative practice alongside getting familiar with the ideas and notions upon which Vipassanā practice stands.

This course concerns the Middle Way and the Four Noble Truths, the three practices of wisdom (paññā), ethics (Sīla) and meditation (Samādhi), the rule of Cause and Effect (Karma), cultivating the heart's qualities (brahma-vihāras), and cultivating the practice in everyday life.


Saturday Practice

Saturday practice takes place once every few weeks, and gives the opportunity to dedicate a whole day for meditation practice and for studying about related topics. 

Usually, these days of practice are open to newcomers as well as to participants that are allready on the path. This is an opportunity to practice for several consecutive hours in an urban format, without spending the night.


An Introduction Evening

A gathering of introduction to Vipassana Meditation (Tovana). This kind of gathering takes place from time to time and includes a short meditation, a talk and Q & A time.

This kind of gathering is open to everyone and is meant for anyone who is interested in meditation and wants to learn more about it.


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Online Dharma Courses

We have recently started facilitating online courses in Tovana.

These internet courses consist of recorded Dharma talks, meditations and online group meetings with the teachers.

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The Dharma Facilitators' Program is a unique project led by Christopher Titmuss, a respected Dharma teacher of international renown. The program has branches in different countries across the world; in Israel, Christopher leads the program with the assistance of Steven Folder. In each cycle of the program, around thirty experienced practitioners meet once every two to three months over the course of two years. In these meetings, participants practice group meditation, learn important sutras of the Buddha, and hold discussions about different topics related to practice and to the Dharma. The intimacy built within the group through working together is the heart of the program.

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Course of Dharma in Daily Life

Living the Dharma in daily life – a semester course for deepening and integrating the Dharma in daily life.

The idea for this course stems from attention to the needs of the community for an in-depth, ongoing course of learning and shared experience whose goal is to deepen the practice in daily life.

In this course we'll learn and explore together how to live an awakened and meaningful spiritual life. We'll look at ways that enable us to infuse more of the  Dharma into our lives so that our work, relationships and our hobbies will become a space to practice and internalize the Dharma.

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Families Course


The Course for Families was started in order to make going to a meditation retreat possible for practitioners with children.  This course, which takes place every year in the spring, offers a rare opportunity for the whole family to practice together and to meet other practicing families.  In order to allow the parents the free time to meditate, there are activities held for children in the style of "Language of Listening," an educational program that helps children improve their ability to pay attention and listen . 

In addition, there are family activities that encourage the development of attentiveness to one another, listening, and openness between family members. The Dharma talks in the course address the unique challenges of being a parent, and the ways in which Dharma can contribute to family life.

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Sangha meetings

Our Sangha, or community of practitioners, holds periodical Sangha meetings over the course of a day or weekend.  Their purpose is for members of the community to meet up for group practice and mutual inspiration.  Participants come to share, learn together, and discuss their personal understandings of the Dharma with one another.  There is always room for fresh ideas and initiatives from members of the community-- for suggestions and ideas, please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


A Personal Retreat in Ein Dor

We can sometimes offer experienced practitioners to come and receive a separate room for a personal retreat, while other Tovana retreats are taking place in Ein Dor.

This offer is relevant for practitioners who have sat in at least 4 Tovana retreats of one week each, and who have an experience of at least 2 years in their practice.

As part of the personal retreat, it will be possible to attend to the Dharma talks of the course (that will take place at the same time), and also the served meals. In addition, it will be possible to have personal meetings with the course's teachers.

These designated rooms could also be used by who wishes to participate in a Tovana retreat, and have a room of their own.

The number of rooms for this purpose is very limited, and they are more expensive than regular rooms.

In order to register, please fill out this registration formin addition to the registration form of the relevant retreat.

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