Tovana- Insight Meditation (in Israel) welcomes all who are interested to practice and develop awareness in their everyday life through Vipassana Insight Meditation to join its world class meditation retreats, courses and activities, led by experienced senior teachers of the path.

We see the practice as a doorway to a world of universal inner wisdom, love and peace, whereby each person on their own unique journey will ultimately reflect these qualities back to the world.

Join us on your journey of inner exploration and discoveries, on your journey back home, to your heart. Since the Practice is universal in nature it is open to everyone from all walks of life, countries, religions, ethnic groups, and ages. Also, Tovana makes it a priority to offer its teachings to people from all socio-economic backgrounds through the practice of Dana, or Generous Giving (donations) according to one's ability.

Visiting Israel:
Whether you are visiting Israel as a tourist, a peace activist, or on a business trip, you are welcome to add the Tovana experience to your travel plans.  It is an opportunity to make friends, learn about yourself and about a life in Israel that is seldom seen or told in the mainstream media.

You can choose from a variety of activities such as meditation retreats
(some of which are held in English by world-renowned teachers), the Dharma Facilitator Program, Peace Walks, and other activities in the Sangha House in Tel-Aviv.


All activities in Tovana are supported by members of our volunteer community.

Should you be interested in helping with our on-going activities or meditation retreats please contact us at:


Meditation Retreats:

Tovana's meditation retreats are held (unless otherwise stated) at Kibbutz Ein-Dor which is situated in the Galilee by Mount Tabor.  Ein-Dor's natural and peaceful environment is conducive to quieting the mind that enables depth of experience and authentic inquiry into the self.

Meditation retreats are held in noble silence and led by senior vipassana

In order to support the practice and teaching to all participants, group meetings and discussions as well as personal interviews with teachers are an integral part of each program.

Sangha (Community):

Our vibrant and growing community of practitioners is open to all who wish to learn and grow with the support of friends along the Path.  The Buddha maintained that the community as an important catalyst to one’s spiritual growth.

Tovana's vision is to reach beyond the frontiers of borders and religions and create an international community that shares and develops qualities of peace, acceptance and compassion.

Sangha House:

Holding a variety of activities in the spirit of vipassana and self awareness offered by Sangha member and supported by participant’s generous donations (Dana).

Location: 21 Ovadia
MiBartnora St., apt #15, Tel Aviv (near Bazel st.)


Take bus #5 and get off at Nordau and Yehoshua Bin-Nun bus stop.


Sitting group in Tel Aviv in English

When: Sundays 8pm

Tel- 052-4321027


Non-Violent Peace Walks:

Middleway is a non-profit, non-political grassroots organization, which grew from the longing felt by thousand of Jewish and Arab Israelis and Palestinians in Israel to find novel ways to put an end to the circle of violence, hatred and fear, and to live in peace on the same land. 

Middleway began its activities in April 2002 , in the days of
the escalating intifada, with an 8 days silent peace walk from Jaffa
to Jerusalem, in which hundreds of people participated, aiming for a
deep change of heart in individuals and in society, and wishing to create
a culture of peace and reconciliation. Since then many peace walks have
taken place all over Israel and also in the Palestinian Territories,
and a wealth of activities have stemmed from the initial authentic wish
to find a different solution. 

Middleway is among the few organizations in Israel who advocate
completely non-violent protest and who combine spirituality with peace
activism. We advance a profound vision for change founded on a fundamental
shift in attitude.

More information at:


Dharma Facilitator Program (DFP) :

More information at
Launched in 2001, the DFP program is designed for Dharma practitioners. Led by Christopher Titmus, theDFP program is held in Brighton, Totnes, the UK, Germany, Australia and Israel. Stephen Fulder is actively involved in facilitating the DFP in Israel. Radha Nicholson and Christopher co-facilitate the DFP in Australia.

The DFP is not a training program for new teachers but a real opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of the dharma, develop a range of communication skills and realize insights and vision for daily life.

The program includes regular Inquiry sessions, feedback on communication and encouragement to remember and reflect on the body of the Buddha's teachings such as the Four Noble Truth, Eightfold Path, etc.

The DFP offers:

• An Opportunity to develop one's understanding of the Dharma alongside others

• In-depth study of major Suttas (Discourses of the Buddha)

• Training and development of facilitation skills and leadership with groups

• Opportunity to make commitments for daily life and report back to program

• Exploration and discussion of personal experience in meditation and daily life

• Opportunities for participants to give Dharma talks and answer questions

• Seeing into the deepest levels of Dharma

• New features in the next series to explore and share the Dharma.


Please forward this letter onto anyone, who would be interested to join.


Every participant has around three years or more experience in inner work, such as dharma, yoga, meditation, advaita, retreats or India etc.

Tovana’s teachers and senior facilitators will also offer study groups of discourses of the Buddha for the meetings, so that you can come to a deeper understanding of the Suttas. There is homework before each session of the DFP as part
of the overall program.


Contact Tovana:

Long courses: +972-(0)54-5695931

Short courses: +972-(0)54-5695932

Mail: P.O. Box 1465, Hod-Hashron 4511401